Season Pass Terms and Conditions

1. This pass may ONLY be acquired when purchased in-store for $99.99 in addition to the purchase of a full price snowboard from Boardworks during the same year. The term is valid for one full season, starting October 1st and expiring April 30th.

2. The season pass is a tangible, scannable card that will be linked to the serial number of the board it was purchased with. The unlimited tune and repair coverage is ONLY valid for the snowboard with the matching serial number. 

3. COVERAGE EXCLUDES CORE AND FIBER FRACTURES. Board fractures are an unfixable damage and nothing can be done to bring it back to its original condition. All other types of damage, such as delaminations, core shots, ripped or broken edges, popping die cuts, etc. are covered. 

4. This pass includes UNLIMITED tuning. There is no restriction on frequency of use for any waxing, edging, belt or stone grinding. 

5. All season pass holders will receive the same turnaround availability as non-pass holding customers. All shop service is on a first come, first served basis. The length of time for service is subject to change, based on fluctuation of customers and type of service requested.

6. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If we suspect board damage was caused intentionally we may refuse the service offering and that pass holder will be subject for removal from the program.

7. Pass must be presented every time a service is requested. The passes are linked to specific customer accounts and board serial numbers, and therefore cannot be verified without the pass present. Lost passes can be replaced for $25 with proof of the original purchase.

8. The 19/20 season pass will be ran on a trial basis for the first year. If the program proves to be successful, Boardworks may continue the program next year. Continuance of the program next year is not guaranteed until further notice.

9. All brands participating in the Season Pass program are subject to change from one season to the next. Any changes will be advertised prior to the new term and will remain constant through the season.

10. If a pass holding customer's snowboard is lost or stolen during the regular pass term, we will honor a one-time transfer of the pass to another full price board purchased from Boardworks.