Max "Dre" Djenohan

Max Dre is a Washington native that has been with us from the beginning. He is one of the most driven, and versatile riders out there. Max is a regular participant at local snowboard events and contests, and is no stranger to the podium. He can put on a clinic at your local rail jam or huck himself off a massive booter in the backcountry. Max is an avid climber and splitboarder, and has bagged more peaks than most people can name. Aside from his skill on a snowboard, Max has also demonstrated dominance in a... not so common field. He has has appeared four times as a survivalist on the popular television show, "Naked and Afraid." In his most recent challenge, Max spent several weeks completely alone in a difficult South African terrain, on which he speared, processed and ate an Impala! This dude is a beast. Check out his instagram to follow his next adventure. 



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