FAQ: What Longboard Trucks Should I Get?

There are a lot of different options for longboard trucks these days. If you aren't familiar with how different characteristics of trucks effect the way they ride, choosing your first set of trucks can seem fairly daunting. This FAQ page will give you the basic information you need to choose a good set of trucks your setup. This quide is aimed at beginners and is not completely comprehensive. Dialing in a specific truck setup can be extremely nuanced. But this guide will provide the basics for beginners to choose a good starter set up trucks. 

What kind of deck do you have? 

Drop Deck or Drop-Through Deck: 

Before you choose you trucks, you need to know what kind of deck you will be putting them on. If you have a drop deck or drop-through deck, you should be looking at 50 degree truck options. The lower the angle of a truck, the more stable at speed the trucks will be, but the less maneuverable they will be. Drop decks are already inherently stable due to the fact that they have less leverage over the trucks and have a lower center of gravity. Thus, to ensure you can maneuver adequately, a higher degree truck such as a 50 degree will provide you with all of the maneuverability and stability you need. 

50 Degree Caliber 2's:                                                Bear 852's: 




 Luxe Lites: 




Topmount Deck: 

If you have a topmount, you will first want to know what kind of riding you are primarily doing. If you are mostly cruising, a 50 degree truck will be a good option. While it won't be as stable at speed, it will provide a more agile and surfy turn at lower speeds. If you don't plan on going faster than 30 mph, a 50 degree truck on a topmount will preform well. If you are looking to get into more downhill and sliding, it is a good idea to get a set of 45 degree trucks. On a topmount, you will need some extra stability from your trucks to make you stable at speed for downhill. You will still have plenty of maneuverability with the lower degree option on a topmount because you have plenty of leverage over the trucks. 


44 Degree Caliber 2's:                                                Bear 452's: 



With these basic guidelines in mind, you should be able to pick out a good set of longboard trucks to get you started. There are a lot of other factors that go into picking out a perfect truck setup. Everyone has their own personal preferences that suit their own individual riding style.

If you would like more specific information other than the basics for picking out trucks for your longboard, please feel free to call us at the shop at (360) 526-2181, or email us at We LOVE helping people pick out the perfect gear for them!